Hadi Celebrates Oredipe On His Birthday 
Hadi Celebrates Oredipe On His Birthday
On behalf of my humble self And entire members of Economic transition committee on Agriculture and food security, I  celebrate our capable chairman Dr Adetunji Oredipe on his birthday
 He is an intellectual domain of ledership ideology, World bank Expert, A strong underneath Politician,  former STA to the Minister  of Agriculture,former president of NAAS in the University days, man with Chieftaincy tittles in  than 22 local govt in Nigeria ,Oloyerepete, a man of timbers, Calibrers, iroko  and Catterpillar, a Guganot , An Iwe lumo and Asikwe , a great Phylantropist,( Oni  Békpota of Bekpota in Lome Togo and Ba ka Bible world wide my new tittle bestowed on you today to commemorate your birth day) man of many colours ” THE BRIDGE” A PANACEA .I say Happy birthday day to you .
Congra! Congra!! Congratulations!!
Nigeria humbly await you to contribute your global experience towards attainment our collective goals at the National level.
Prince Hadi Sani
Committee Publicity Secretary

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