People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leaders on Thursday stormed the national headquarters of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Abuja to demand the conduct of a free and fair election in Edo State.


Speaking to journalists at the electoral body’s premises, Deputy National Chairman, Sen. Suleiman Nazif, given what happened in Kogi, Osun, Kano states recent elections, the PDP was compelled to demand a commitment from INEC to ensure neutrality Saturday’s governorship election.

He said: “We have come here as a matter of urgency to demand free and fair elections in Edo and Ondo.

”This was as a result of the need for us to come and first-hand assurance that the elections will be free and fair. We are all aware of what happened in Kogi, Osun, Kano and the rest of them.

”We thought it wise to come here today to insist and demand that we have a free and fair election. That is what the Peoples Democratic Party is requesting and demanding.

“We have had a lot of assurances but at the same time, it is one thing to assure us and it is another thing for us to go and hear that something else is happening.

“So we don’t know what you are going to tell us today. People are concerned and worried about the way elections are being conducted in Nigeria.”They added

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