“Sammy More ” brand of music : Giving unprecedented facelift to Nigeria’s Indigenous music Industry

Building from his debut Album ” IJO ALAYO” produced  in 2009, Sammy More’s mastery of a rich range of music styles with the sole aim of entertaining his fans and pass a message across, He burns through these illustrious music archives at great speed and, surprisingly, with some depth of artistic prowess. He’s able to convert gospel-sounding ditties into profane that cut through Juju, Highlife and the top of the chart and in-demand blended lyrics known as Tungba.

Samson Olayinka Mobolade’s Versatility and Ability to blend to the musical demands of his teeming fan-base sets him apart from his peers and this ability is one of the secrets to the success of his three previous albums with somewhat expected artistic success in many to come.

Sammy More recently had a one on one with The Nigeria Standard on the journey so far, what his fans should expect from him and plans for the future.


NG : Let’s meet you

SAMMY MORE : My name is Samson Olayinka Mobolade with stage name “Sammy More”.

NG : How was growing up like ?

SAMMY MORE : Growing up as a child was not rosy, yet it was not like hell. I was not born with a silver spoon, my parent kept hope alive and trusted God for everything.

I started struggling to be a man from Childhood and since help was not in view and my parents could not afford to sponsor my education to a height I would have loved, I chose music and faced it after my Secondary education.

I went into music full time with the blessings of my parents and sort more knowledge to enhance my gift which led me to join and work for Dare Art Alade from 2007 – 2009, where learnt managerial skills and business as a musician.

NG : Can you tell us your genre of music ?

SAMMY MORE : Talking about the genre of music I do, I will say, it is a fusion of Gospel, Juju, highlife and the new derivation called Tungba. As music evolves every day one must evolve too and be versatile because variety is the spice of life and professionalism is the soul of music. And with my versatility I have been able to meet the musical demands of my fans home and abroad.

NG: How did you started your musical career ?

SAMMY MORE : First and foremost, I am grateful to God who gave me this talent. As a child I started playing my mums pot and containers as drums and derived so much joy in it at that time. My parents being a very committed and dedicated Christians would always take me to morning and evening services in Church where my inspiration grew.
I grew in the Church Choir and watched my mum, the Choir Mistress sing while others play the talking drum and other musical instruments until I began to sing and play the talking drum amongst other instruments.
At a point I became the lead vocalist of my Church at that time and grew into having a band of my own called ‘Salvation Band’ in Minna Niger State. It was looking for a greener pasture that brought me to Abuja where I currently reside.
Many would wonder the change of name from ‘Salvation Band’ to ‘Intercessory Band’ and now Sammy More International. The reason is clear, I have a vision to become big and modest in music. The aim is to be heard in the whole world and we are getting there and ready to give more every day as the suffix of my music name implies.

NG : Out of all other productive venture, why music ?

SAMMY MORE : Well, others may find joy and happiness in other fields and profession in life but for me, I derive inner joy and immeasurable happiness in music. As a Christian, it is a means of seeking God’s face and to legends in the likes of King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, I.K Dairo it is a medium by which knowledge is passed down to the next generation.

NG : What skills have you learned that will help you in your singing career?

SAMMY MORE : It may be rare to hear this but apart from singing as a musician, I have learnt managerial skills and business. I also learnt sound engineering, of course there would be no gain saying that I am an instrumentalist.

NG : What gave birth to the decision to pursue a career in the ever competitive Nigeria Entertainment and creative Industry.

SAMMY MORE : Nigerian Entertainment and Creative Industry is no doubt competitive but I love challenges, hence my reason for the daring decision. I don’t envy anyone who is succeeding in life, rather I learn from their successes and challenges to better mine and that is why people say I am unique and distinct in what I do.

NG : Every musician at a point have a definite skill of one or two musical instruments that shaped their skills and gives them inspiration either in church or public space, Which instruments did you play that gives you into music ?

SAMMY MORE : The talking drum is my favourite and I play it well. It is one of the instruments that motivates me and gave me popularity in Minna in those days because I am able to play it and sing at the same time at shows.
I play other instruments too and their combination and melody spores me to sing well as I desire and to the satisfaction of my fans.

NG : Can you tell us the rough patches you have encountered in your career and how you have been able to surmount them ?

SAMMY MORE : Nigerian Entertainment and Creative Industry no doubt is rough and full of challenges but as a Christian I have always relied on God. One of my notable challenge was meeting a well Known Icon of Juju Music in Nigeria at the same show I was to play in Lagos. As I would have loved to share the same stage with him, his personality swallowed mine and I came back home cooled with thoughts of ‘God when am I going to get there’. My fans wanted us to play still but the big fish’s name and aura dominated the atmosphere.
Out of respect and not inferiority complex I appealed to my band guys that we should leave, more so, the instruments as agreed by the celebrants have not been setup as planned which will amount to disturbance at the show if we insist to start set up.

NG : What strength would you say you possess that you can confidently say ” I am right where I belong” ?

SAMMY MORE : Well, no one can actually say he or she has strength, we all rely on God but I think what you mean is qualities and if that is right, I am blessed with creativity, dedication, diligence, patience, business and managerial skills.

NG : Describe your creative process when you write new music.

SAMMY MORE : Describing my creative process may amount to blowing my trumpet but all I know is creativity is a gift from God and only my fans can judge by scaling my performance over the years. I have three albums to my credit already and they are testimonies of my creativity.

NG: What’s an average day like for you ?

SAMMY MORE : An average day for me is full of hidden treasures and possibilities. I don’t have a routine actually, my life is tied around music and its dimensions.

NG : Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans considering the plural nature of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

SAMMY MORE : Incidentally, I am not a difficult person to approach. I am free to all and even interact and respond to my fans through physical conversations, text messages, calls and all my social media handles.

NG: You’re a multi-talented artist; how do you manage to give your best in all of your endeavors, aside music ?

SAMMY MORE : I put my heart, body and soul to whatever I am doing, I rely totally on God, work towards perfection with punctuality, dedication, diligence, prudence and patience for a better result.

NG : As human we all have flaws and musicians aren’t saints, and are susceptible to scandal that could derail their careers, Do you have any weaknesses that you’re actively working to improve on?

SAMMY MORE : Rightly said, musicians are not saints and are vulnerable to one scandal or the other but by the Grace of God I don’t have any scandal neither have I been into any legal issue all through my music career. If you are good to your fans and satisfy them whenever they contract you, you won’t have any problem. I am not condemning anyone or their life style but for me, I don’t drink, smoke or womanise. That is rare right? I am a man of one wife, so scandal is far from me by God’s grace.

NG : If I may ask, what is it about music that makes you feel passionate and accomplished?

SAMMY MORE : Music for me brings joy, happiness and self-satisfaction. Sometimes I come back from a show accomplished and fulfilled for the day because I have been able to put smiles on the faces of people. I have had experiences of people who came to my show sad but returned home happy and their burdens lifted. This you must know, that apart from being a musician, I am first a song minister hence the reason for praying for my fans in the midst of songs.

NG: Describe your favorite and least favorite part about being a musician.

SAMMY MORE : My favourite part of being a musician is that I am able to put smiles on the faces of people, meet their demands to be happy and change the world to a better place with my music.
My least favourite part of being a musician is that I am not comfortable with the belief that musicians must take drugs or alcohol to perform well while singing. My experience and study has shown that this acts are not good practices for a future driving musician and should not be emulated. Alcohol not drugs, should be for leisure not for work.

NG: You have been around for a while, how did you rate the Nigerian entertainment industry in comparison to other country’s creative outputs and how can we sustain on our gains and improve our shortfalls?

SAMMY MORE : Honestly, without sentiment or prejudice the Nigerian entertainment industry has greatly improved. We are measuring up with not just African Countries but even with the so called first world countries. There is almost no country in the world where they don’t listen to songs sung by Nigerians and even back home here we are not doing bad.
Nigerian artists should put their heads high in professionalism and developmental and moral lyrics, bearing in mind that generations unborn are coming to listen to their works. We should scrutinize and sensor our videos for the sake of the future generation.
We, I mean all of us Nigerian Musicians should work on our lyrics and videos. It is very important. The nudity and drama in most Nigerian Musicians’ videos is a big source of concern. We should sing for the common good of our nation and cultural heritage and not to destroy it with imports from foreign countries.

NG: Looking at things holistically, would you say the government is doing enough to ensure the Creative Industry thrive, if not, what areas would you advise them to come in?

SAMMY MORE: Well, the government of Nigeria in particular have tried at least in the aspect of allowing musicians to freely operate as an entity but the government can do much more for Nigerian musicians to thrive. The government should use them interchangeably for its function, empower musicians with loans and set up empowerment package that will enhance their work.

NG : As someone who has seen it all, any words of advise and encouragement for up and coming Musical Artists?

SAMMY MORE : My advice for them is that they should be honest in all their dealings with people, they should be hard working, have great passion for what they are doing, be prayerful and trust in God. A thousand mile starts with a step, successful musicians had rough parts but with persistence, longsuffering and patience they are celebrated at last. I never knew I would be where I am today but God made it possible.

NG : What accomplishment (s) do you see yourself achieving in the next Five to Ten years?

SAMMY MORE: I see myself and my team becoming a reckoning force in the Nigerian Entertainment and Creative Industry. We also pray to tour countries outside the shores of Nigeria and meet new fans.

NG : Thank you very much, it has been a pleasure talking to you and you taking us through the basis till date. We wish you best of luck in all your endeavors.

SAMMY MORE : You’re welcome and thanks for the honour.

Sammy More released his first album “IJO ALAYO” in 2009, followed by “ELEVATION” in 2010 and NEXT IN LINE which was produced in 2018.

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