Group Seeks Death Penalty For Rapists
A Non-Governmental Organisation  Known as  Shabaq Foundation has advocated for death penalty for covicted rapists in the country.
The president of the foundation, chief mrs Olashalewa Bakare led a movement with other members of the foundation to three different markets, Kuto, Omida and Itoku to enlighten the market women on how to prevent their children from rape.
While speaking with the newsmen, the president of the foundation lamented  high rate of rape cases in Nigeria.
She charged  the federal government not to take the  rape cases with levity, saying that any convicted rapists should not be spared but be killed immediately.
Bakare said, ”We are here because of the high rate of rape across the nation, and that is why we  have decided to come to visit three different markets today because we believe that the  best we can do is meeting with the market women one on one so that we can  talk to them and educate them well on this issue.
”We are here also to enlighten the children on the need to shun indecent dressing,  to let them know the proper way of dressing and  also to know what to wear when they are going out and  when they are indoors.
”We are fully in support of death penalty for rapists, we are saying that any convicted rapists should be killed instantly because it is getting too much and we as NGO we are against rape,  we cannnot fold our arms and watch rapists destroying the lives of the female teenagers, even the  old women are not excluded, can you imagine a 25-year-old man raping a mother of 70 years. It is so annoying, it must be put to an end.” He concluded
She added that Shabaq foundation has been in existence for 3years, saying that the foundation  apart from campaigning against rape, it also help less priviledged by sponoring their education and providing school needs for them.
Meanwhile, the secretary of the foundation,  mrs Oluwaseunfunmi Olumide added that  convicted rapists should not be sent to jail but be killed immediately.
She however noted that  they are also campaigning against rape on the female child.
Olumide said, ”We know that it is not only famale child that fall victim of rape, the  male child do face the same and today we are doing for the both”

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