COVID-19: Popular Juju Musician Urges Fans To Stay Safe and Obey Law of the Land  – Says the pandemic would soon become a thing of the past
Taiwo Akinwale, aka Elesemeta




An Abeokuta-based Juju Musician, Taiwo Akinwale, aka Elesemeta, has called on his fans over the world to stay safe during this period of Coronavirus and also obey the law of the land, adding that the pandemic will soon be a thing of the past.


Akinwale, also urged them to adhere strictly to every medical instructions rolled out to them towards their protection from the disease.


He added, “the pandemic will surely soon become a thing of the past because we experience Ebola when it came, yet we overcame it, same with Lassa fever, we overcame it. And the God that protects us is still on His throne”.


The juju musician also had reached out to the poor and vulnerable within the community with food, money and other palliative measures, as a means of ensuring that the people are well taken care of.



Akinwale, as a globetrotter do travel to many countries, such as; United Kingdom (UK), Canada to entertain his fans with songs.

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