Wolekanle: A novel face of ceaseless charity


By Niyi Raji, Ibadan.

It is universally acknowledged that we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. This maxim also holds true for an illustrious businessman of Ogbomoso extraction, Hon. Akinwole Akinwale (Wolekanle), who has stopped at nothing in the quest to secure a new lease of life for the less privileged. In a manner that cannot be tampered by the passage of time; his generous disposition has earned him a rightful place in the financial and career trajectory of many.

He beams his philanthropic torch across all strata of the society: from the students to petty traders and artisans, Hon. Wolekanle has become the muse of ceaseless philanthropic undertakings. Reveling in the delectation of huminitiarian service, his far-reaching hands of kindness seem to be set in motion at any opportunity of easing the pecuniary needs of people. He graciously presents his shoulders to carry any weight of responsibilities that comes his way, no matter how enormous.

Part of his symbolic gestures towards human capital development was the procurement of over 60 UTME forms for succcesful candidates who emerged from the preparatory examination coordinated at the end of a free coaching exercise organised for about 250 students seeking admission into tertiary institutions. The students who were given free instructional materials to aid lectures and exams had lessons in major subjects including Mathematics , English, Economics Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Government, Literature, CRS and Commerce.

The program was however, concluded with two weeks of intensive CBT training ahead of the UTME exams. This, in no small measure, has yielded a desired accomplishment to the yearnings of young minds who were willing to make needed progress in their academic pursuit.

The Ogbomoso-born Chieftain of the APC is also famed for consistent donation of cash gifts to students in tertiary institutions who might be facing various financial hurdles. To him, the aspirations of students who exhibit stellar academic traits must not be hindered by paucity of funds.

Hon. Wolekanle has also been in the vanguard of promoting the rich cultural heritage of his hometown. By being the convener of the annual Ogbomoso Ajilete carnival, he has been able to provide a platform for youths to showcase their resourceful crafts, and talents with great commitment to sports development.

The Ajilete carnival has become a reconnecting point for those that have been far away from home. With various exhibitions of masquerades otherwise known as Egungun in the local parlance, the agelong history of the town is preserved. Over the years, this event has become widely celebrated amongst the indigenes of the ancient city.

The sheer generosity of Hon. Wolekanle seems to be renewed on daily basis. His unfettered penchant for lifting people out of the grim claws of financial obstacles has made him the toast of all and sundry. One can only wish that many deep-pocketed personalities in the society will follow his philanthropic template.

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