Shareholders, depositors of defunct banks full of praises to NDIC as they get their claims 




Eligible shareholders and insured depositors of Alpha Merchant Bank, three Micro Finance Banks and Primary Mortgage Banks recently closed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) have started collecting their claims.





The Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) had on last week announced that the commencement of verification and payment process of claims to eligible shareholders and insured depositors of Alpha Merchant Bank including the three Micro Finance Banks and Primary Mortgage Banks recently closed by the CBN.





The NDIC through its official twitter handle last week, disclosed that the process of paying the insured depositors of the banks would begin on Monday, 3rd February, 2020.





Investigations by Nigeria Standard confirmed that customers of these liquidated banks have started collecting their claims after providing necessary documents.





Speaking to Nigeria Standard, Mr. Kolawole Adewunmi, one of the customers of the defunct banks, commended the NDIC for commencing the process of payment of claims.





Adewunmi said had lost hope of recovering his money, saying he almost died of heart attack when he heard the news that his bank was liquidated.




He said, “I thought I had lost all my money when I heard the news that my bank will be liquidated. The money I kept there was my last savings. I almost died of an heart attack, it was only God that saved me.”




“I never knew there are still government agencies who are still performing well like this. I used to hear things like this in developed countries of the world.”





He urged other government agencies to emulate NDIC in the process of discharging their duties, saying, “NDIC has restored my hope that Nigeria can still work. Other agencies should also follow the foot steps of the NDIC.”





Another beneficiary, Mrs. Bolanle Awoyele who also spoke to Nigeria Standard described the NDIC as the last hope of the common man, commending the corporation for defending the rights of the helpless in the society.





Awoyele said if other government agencies were like the NDIC, Nigeria would have changed for the better.




Awoyele said as a businesswoman, her business had collapsed when she lost all her money to the defunct bank “but now that the NDIC has paid me my claims, I can now revive my business.




It would be recalled that the NDIC in a statement made available on their twitter handle disclosed, “The NDIC, the official liquidator of the listed banks whose licences were recently revoked is in the process of paying insured depositors.




“We therefore advise that all depositors of these banks should visit the closed banks’ addresses and meet with NDIC officials for the verification of their claims, commencing from Monday Feb., 3 till Friday, Feb. 7″, the statement added.

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