Maintain Social Distance, Omolola Olagoke-Harley Advises Nigerians   …Grateful to God for giving her a second chance in life
Ms. Omolola Olagoke-Harley
A London-based Psychiatrist Nurse, NHS, Ms Omolola Olagoke-Harley, has advised Nigerians to always maintain social distancing, and also avoid crowded gatherings, in order not to contract the Coronavirus disease.
Olagoke-Harley, who has been practising for 15 years, gave this advice during an interview with Nigeriastandardng, while narrating her experience after recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic.
Hear her: “I came back from work one day, and I found out that I have cold sore, so I went to the pharmacy and was given a cream to rub on it, I applied this cream daily and regularly yet there was no improvement. I went back to the pharmacy again I was advised to continue to use.
“Meanwhile, I started my annual leave March 16  and by March 17, I started coughing, sneezing  and having body aches and couldn’t sleep, so I had to call my daughter, that leaves far away from me. She asked me to come down to her side, although I didn’t want to go because she is married. I eventually went to my daughters after a long persuasion.
“By the time I got there I have already lost my energy and couldn’t do anything, even though I drove myself to her place.  That day I fainted but I wasn’t that bad however
seeing my condition my daughter called 111 line after the initial collapsed and I was advised to take paracetamol and if symptoms get worst to call 999 emergency.
“Two days after, again as I was trying to attend to my personal hygiene in the bathroom, I was told by my daughter to have passed out, eyes were closed, I was shaking on the floor. 999 was called & paramedics attended my daughter’s house where I was said to be laid lifeless on the floor.
“The paramedics carried out some checks e.g ECG, Blood pressure checks etc, they realised my blood pressure was extremely low. The paramedics decided to take me into hospital but my daughter & her husband objected to going into hospital, because once someone is taken into hospital no one is allowed to visit their family so as not to  transmit the virus.
“Therefore, both my daughter & her husband kicked against the idea of going into hospital.
“The paramedics told my daughter that its up to me to decide either to go into hospital or not. But for the facts that I am unable to speak due to shortness of breath , I gave them sign that I  do not want to go into hospital.
“The paramedics called my GP Doctor & I was advised to contact 111 Doctor and was  prescribed antibiotics for 7 days together with 2 different inhalers to aid my breathing as I was struggling to breathe.
“The following week after completing the antibiotics,  my GP called again and prescribed the second dose of antibiotics. He then advised to call 999 emergency number if the symptoms continues. But to the glory of God,  hey I was made whole by the Almighty God .
“When asked about the thoughts she had during those periods, she said, honestly it was a  miracle that I am alive today, to be honest  I don’t even remember anything, not where I live or what I have which means this life is vanity upon vanity. All I could remember is the thoughts of those who depend on me, my children, mostly my one year old grandson and those I give back to in the community through my charity NGO.
“I also thought about my siblings because I lost one of my sisters seven years ago.
“The Erelu Tayese of Isheri Olofin Olofin in Lagos, was also of the belief that God gave her a second chance, that she appreciate it, because many people have died through this virus but God in His mercy gave me a second chance to live and with this opportunity, I will forever appreciate God & will ensure that I lived a good and righteous life.
“I have been praying to God asking for forgiveness of my shortcomings and to anybody I may have offended, It is not that I deserved to be alive, thousands of people have gone and it is not that they don’t deserve to be alive.
“I don’t know what I have done to deserve God’s mercy & favour. God gave me this second chance for a reason and I am going to make use of it wisely in the sense that I am going to “Sin No More”, I am like a new born baby everything has changed, my thinking, the way I reason etc”.
She also enjoined those with the symptoms of COVID-19, not to panic, but to contact their Doctors, not to diagnose themselves and not to entertain fears.
“If you have the symptoms and feel it is COVID-19, please call 111 or Nigeria given number and don’t diagnose yourself. coughing or sneezing does not means you got COVID-19 virus, please seek medical advise.”
Also, when asked to give advice to people at home (Nigeria), she urged them to always comply with medical advice of maintaining social distancing and also avoid touching each other.
“My NGO reached out to people during this hard time by given food relief to different states. I noticed via the video sent to me that people are not maintaining social distancing, please my lovely people, follow rules & regulations,  wash your hands, don’t touch your face, sneeze on tissues and cover your mouth when coughing please.”
She added, “I don’t pray for my enemy to contract this terrible virus. COVID-19 is real and serious.
“Well, some of my family gave me different herbal remedies, I  called it concoction. For example, I was advised to peel pineapple skin, whole orange, lime and lemon, garlic, ginger bring them to boil & drink morning and night. I also take Vitamin C daily, please use Vitamin C regularly, you cannot overdose on it, its highly beneficial to everybody.”
“To God be the glory, I have fully recovered however I still drink my concoction daily”, she explained.

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