EXPOSED!! 237 Vibrators Allegedly Recovered From Girls At Edo State NYSC Camp (See Photos) 

Na wa ooo, what are leaders of tomorrow doing with Vibrators? 

Konji na bastard 


The funny or maybe annoying thing is some girls will never admit they like s*x. One girl I was dating back then said some ladies prefer to die OR find other means to satisfy themselves than open up to their boyfriend that they want to get down.

Anyways, according to a source, 237 vibrators were allegedly recovered at Edo State NYSC camp.

Incase you don’t know, Vibrators are devices used for massage or sexual stimulation.

One girl wrote online:
“Using a vibrator is an entirely different experience than sex with another person, at least for me. I don’t prefer one to the other — it’s just a different sensation.

For me, vibrators give me really concentrated, intense orgasms. It’s a reliable rush of sensation to my clitoris, and I get that curl-your-toes, can’t-help-but-moan tingle in my pelvis.

I’m also often able to have a full body orgasm when I use a vibrator, which is great.


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