Akinwale Akinwole ‘WoleKanle’: The man with the purest of heart, a rare breed, the man who broke the poverty jinx and became the Messiah of our time









The Chairman of Ogbomosho United football club, Hon. Akinwale Akinwole popularly known as Wolekanle on several occasions has proven to be the Messiah of this century because of his dedication and commitment in building other people around him.






Although, he started from the scratch, he went through turbulent before he got to where he is today. He struggled, and was committed to success and that was what motivated him and made him who he is today.







Life was not too fair with Wole when he was a kid, he was never born with silver spoon, he was born into a struggling family, but since he was a kid he vowed to ensure that he end the poverty in his family.



WoleKanle in the days of yore.



True to his dream, about twenty years later, Woke was able to change the narrative, he was able to overcome the challenges and he was able to turn his family from being a low class level.






He has since become a messiah to the all members of the family. Wole has become another Jesus for the people of Ogbomosho and He has turned out to be the helper and giver to many people in Oyo, Ogun and Osun states.






Nigerians generally have mistrust for philanthropists, Ogbomosho people are not left out in this. Initially, when Wole started his philanthropic gestures, Ogbomosho people were sceptical about him and his intentions.






They tagged him different names, describing him as a pretender who had only come to help the people because of his political ambition.






But Wole didn’t allowed the mistrust of the people for him to deter him, he remained focused and true to him divine calling which is giving without expecting anything in return.






Wole has the purest of heart, he came at a time when his people needed him most. Like an angel, Wole has touched so many lives positively, like a shelter, Wole has provided cover for the needy and like a God-sent, Wole has provided succour for the less privileged, saving them from the destructive hands of poverty and wretchedness.





He is a perfect example of the tradition of old, he is happy when the people are happy, his passion for giving is second to none, no wonder Wole loves being in the midst of the poor, he shares their pain, he sees through them and he cares for them.






Wole has never let his people down. Nobody has ever come to him for help and he fails to help, if anything at all, he does more than what anyone asks of him.






How else can you describe this good Samaritan than to call him a saviour, what more can God give the people than a humble, God fearing man like Wole. He has been a blessing to this generation and generations yet unborn.








Wole used to be one of the greatest footballers in the whole of Oyo state when he was a child. He love playing football and no where in Oyo, especially Ogbomosho that Wole has not used his talent. But, because Wole knew he had to make it in life through hard work, he had opportunity of travelling abroad and that was where he hustled, struggled and made his first million.






When Akinwole was in London, he engaged in about five different jobs just to survive and ensure he make enough money for his family at home.





He was so deep into this that within few years, he made it big abroad. But, because he was truly the Messiah that he is, Wole did not give up or stay over there to enjoy his wealth, he came to Nigeria so that he can assist the people, his family and friends and true to his dream, he became not just a messiah to these people, but also another saviour to them.






The young man that left for London as someone looking for greener pastures has become the owner and CEO of many multinational and National companies. To his credit, Akinwole is the chairman of Black Edge Ltd., Abuja, a construction ans property company. He is also chairman of A.A luxury suite, Ogbomosho. He is a chieftain of All Progressives Congress in Ogbomosho and he was a former secretary of Ogbomosho North LCDA. He is also the chairman of Ajilete carnival.





Nobody associates with Wole and will not become great in life within few years. He has proven to be visionary leader, a dedicated man and a man who respect everyone irrespective of your class.






Wole has given over 15 cars to people in the last one year and he does not do that to get anything in return. He has empowered many wives of people in his community. Wole has assisted many of his friends to get to where they are without asking anything in return.





Despite being a millionaire, Akinwole prefer moving and dinning with people of low class, he loves being with people that are still struggling. He is someone that does not care about class, he is someone that is readily available for many people in his domain. He has truly proven to be another Jesus Christ who understand what the people want and who can go extra length to give them what they want.






He is the major financier of the Ogbomosho football team, Ajilete Carnival and he is always concern about future of his people. Undoubtedly, Akinwole will one day become a governor of Oyo state and I am very sure he will really be a good governor who will be concerned about his people.




He is also someone that appreciate people irrespective of the assurance you render him. Akinwole can repay an assistance of N500 with millions of naira; he is truly a messiah to human race.






As you celebrate a great day in your life, I pray for more long life for you to be able to do more of it and I know God will continue to bless you so that you can continue to give and assist the people. You are truly a man who has not just be a brother to me, but a boss, a friend, a role model, a confident and a source of inspiration. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MANY HAPPY RETURNS Akinwale Akinwole A.k.a WOLEKONLE.

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