Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, has stressed the need for commercial motorcyclists, popularly called “okada” to desist from  operating on Expressways, because of tge inherent danger they constitute.
Goverrnor Abiodun stated this Wednesday when he inaugurated the Ogun State Transport Master Plan Committee in his office at Oke-Mosan,  Abeokuta.
He said the purpose of allowing motorcyclists to operate in the State, was to serve as a means of moving people from the interior parts of the town to the major roads, regretting that they have since abandoned this role and are now playing the Expressways.
Prince Abiodun who described venturing into the highways by the cyclists as ‘suicidal’, not only to the riders, but also said they are a nuisance to their passengers.
He noted that the act is appalling and something must be done to stop the trend, he said while charging members of the Committe led by the State Commissioner for Transportation, Engr Gbenga  Dairo.
“We have the menace of these Okadas, it is not limited to Ogun State alone.  I recalled that when Okadas was introduced, they were meant to serve the people from the internal roads to the major roads. They were not meant to ply the major roads. Worst still, they were not meant to ply highways. Today, you see okada on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. I think that must stop.
He charged members of the Committee to come up with measures that would discourage motorcycle operators from operating, saying, “In the meantime, you need to come up with a decision on Okadas and how to stop them from plying the highways. We must not see Okadas on Lagos Ibadan expressway because this is completely unacceptable.
“That road was not built for Okadas. It is not our intention to disposses the people of employment opportunities or business opportunities, but at the same time, we must do so within the context and confine of what works for us and we want to ensure that things are better organised” he said.
The Governor noted that despite of the high level of technological breakthrough in telecommunications which has turned the world into a global village, the position of transportation, be it road, rail, air or water, remains as important as ever,
 Adding that transportation that enhances exchange, as material and human resources, machinery, and material end products still have to be physically transported.
He said the State appreciate the fact that the ease of transportation would play an important role in our “Pull effect” in attracting new investments, saying that this has led the administration to come up with a multi-dimensional approach that would ensure formulation of practicable policies, which would in-turn provide for implementation of sustainable programmes and infrastructure.
“Transportation Sector in Ogun State is no longer an almost mono-focus on administration of transport unions, it is now a strategic function that properly situates and integrates transportation as an integral part of our Administration’s overall development of our dear State”, the Governor emphasized.
He said his government  vision for transportation in the State was principally to transport services and  infrastructure, noting that the regulatory framework should serve the interests of residents, workers, visitors and businesses in the State and support socio-economic development of Ogun State in a sustainable manner.
He said the inauguration of the Steering Committee of Ogun State Transportation Master Plan was  in furtherance the administration’s commitment to the development of the transport sector as an integral part of the economic system of the State.
The Steering Committee, according to the Goverrnor, is expected to complete its assignment in 12 weeks.

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