Ogun Pastor Accuses CAN Of Taking Bribe From FG To Close  churches

The General Overseer of the Divine Universal Church Of Christ International, Itedo Ayo, Oke Berger-Idi Mango, Abeokuta, Rev. Dr. Olayiwola Mercy has said that the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, collected money from the Federal Government to  close churches down in the country so as to enrich them selves.


He said that  CAN executive after taken bribe  refused to consult pastors before agreeing with the government to close down the spiritual centre

The man of God disclosed this on Sunday when journalists visited his church to monitor the level of compliance of the laid down protocols by the government.

Rev. Olayiwola noted that it was a big mistake for government to lock down spiritual centres all in the name of pandemic.

The man of God noted that government opened market and locked down spiritual centres

Rev. Olayiwola however accused CAN of collecting money from the government so that churches can be closed.

He said, ”CAN has failed us, they disappointed us by not consulting we, the pastors before agreeing with the government to close down churches. They sold out christian pastors to enrich themselves. They planned with the government to lock down churches.

”I want us to believe that church is easy to be controlled than market and the government has also forgotten that we can also use spiritual aspect to fight this pandemic.

”CAN executive locked us down not the government, If am a member of the executive, i will say once they don’t lock down hospital they can never lock down churches, i said this because hospital is meant for medical, church is meant for spiritual and the quick way to fight this is through spiritual.

”CAN was not supposed to agree with the government in locking down churches, what they supposed to have done is to talk to the government assure them that there will be no crowd and that they will maintain social distancing, but because of their selfish interest they agreed that government should close churches”

He said that none of them can deny collecting money from the government.

The man of God therefore warned the government not to try closing down churches again.

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