Electricity Tariff : We Can Not Continue To Pay For Darkness, Group Cries Out To DISCOs

 The Committee for Development and Human Rights (CDHR) , Ogun State Chapter on Tuesday has told the Electricity Distribution companies In Nigeria, DisCos, that Nigerians can not continue to pay for darkness in the country.
It therefore advised them to change their decision on the increase in electricity bill or they provide meters for all Nigerians.
The National Secretary of CDHR, Comrade Yinka disclosed this on Tuesday while  leading a peaceful protest to the State House of Assembly.
Folarin alleged that the electricity distribution company charged Nigerians outrageously for service it  never rendered.
The protesters numbering about twenty carried placards with various inscriptions such as ‘Increment in electricity tariff slavery of highest order’, ‘No prepaid meter no billing’, ‘Nigerians deserves constant electricity not exploitation’, ‘Fix electricity problem first  increment in electricity tariff’ among others.
Folarin however demanded that the electricity distribution company should  provide prepaid meters to its customers rather than increasing the fees.
He said, ”We have come out this morning  to Tell our  representative, in ogun state that the distribution  company  has not been fair to the people. We have come  to say that Nigerians we purchase transformer, and they will be compelled to write letter of donation  of transformer to them.  To even maintain you still have to beg them,  they have to extort you before they can do what is expected  of them”
”We want increase in quality service delivery in Ogun state, We want the distribution company  to respect  the right of the people. We want them to do the needful by maintaining power as it should be
 ”We appreciate that one of us will actually  send message to them. Sometimes  ago, a stakeholder forum was converged  here, where many complaints from different quarters were actually played. We are still expecting the distribution company to do the needful by addressing  the challenges confronting electricity in our state here .
”We have seen a situation  where Nigerians can hardly enjoy 8- hour electricity, yet they will  bring their estimated billing. We can not continue  to pay for darkness, we want to say no to estimated billing,  we want them  to supply us prepaid meter,  we want to have accurate billing, by so doing if all these are met,  we have no doubt  that Nigerians will be happy to pay for services they enjoy but where such is not available, Nigerians we are fighting for and we are part of this country, we are saying no to payment for darkness.
“We have demanded that they should provide us prepaid meter, no prepaid meter no billing. We have come to say no to obnoxious billing . They  will seat down in their four corners  of their room and just draft what they like and give to the masses that they should pay. We are virtually  expected that  the distribution company and the company in charge of electricity should be part of those that will put smiles  on the faces of the people at the end of this pandemic, but what  we are suspected of them can be so barbaric, inhumane and  condemnable.
Meanwhile,  the speaker of Ogun State House of  Assembly, Olakunle Oluomo has assured the group that it is ready to do everything within his  capacity to help deliver the message to the  national assembly.
He said,  ”We align with you,  we appreciate with you,  we agreed with your request. I want to align with the statement of Mr Vice President that Nigerians are good people, when you offer them good services and they are ready to pay but the precondition is before you can say you want to increase tariff, give us good service,  give us prepaid meter, anything short of that  is not acceptable to member even your representative in Ogun State House of Assembly . He concluded

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