COVID-19 Lockdown: Otunba Babatunde Muse in a selfless service to comfort the people
Otunba Babatunde Muse.
At this perilous time when the deadly Coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the world, one man stands tall in comforting his people.
A man who has volunteered himself and committed himself to rendering selfless service to the people, especially the needy.
Even in faraway United Kingdom (UK), this silent philanthropist has donated food items such as bags of rice, garri, beans, among others to his people to help cushion the effect of the lockdown on them. He also donated cash to them.
This man in the form of an angel is Otunba Babatunde Muse.
Otunba Babatunde Muse stands tall among Nigerians who got to the top through hard work, dedication and consistency.
This UK based IT and entrepreneur who hails from Epe in Lagos State is a God-sent to the poor and the needy.
Muse had always knew that he wanted to be the best. He knew that success will come his way one day, only he needs to work his hardest for it. 
And so, Muse strived hard to be successful so that he can also change of the fortunes of the people around him.
Although, he was born into a royal family, making him a potential heir to the throne in Idata Kingdom, Muse didn’t allow his background to affect him, he continued to be a humble man.
Muse didn’t only become a success for himself and his family, this kind hearted and gentleman extraordinaire is a natural philanthropist who has been impacting the  lives of people positively.
And so when the chance for him to once again help his people presented itself, Muse rose to the occasion. Muse has taken it upon himself to always help the needy.
Muse strongly believe that people who want to be successful should have their heart in it and see new opportunities everywhere with this, he has become a role model to other people, especially the youth who are aspiring to like him.
Otunba Babatunde Muse is married to the ever elegant and delectable Yeye Funmi Muse, is a product of the prestigious Amadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, Nigeria. And the marriage is blessed with four children.
Muse did not just make a name for himself but has inspired his family to be just as successful as him.
Little wonder why all his sons are footballers who are playing for different football academies in the UK.
Surprisingly, Muse, because of the interest he has in children manages the career of his footballer sons. How loving could a father be than this?

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