About Oludare Mayowa’s humble beginning
Born and raised in the ancient city of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, Oludare Mayowa became a shinning star far back in his days as a young boy, he was destined to be great in life.
Poised by his resolve and determination to become a great person in life, Mayowa ventured into the world of business and in no time fortune smiled on him.
Mayowa, an entrepreneur per excellent warmed his way into the hearts of many people and became the toast of everyone.
When the idea of fast food restaurant was alien to the people of Abeokuta, Mayowa opened a sophisticated fast food restaurant called “big mouth” in Ita-Eko area of the city and it instantly became a huge success.
He was one of the biggest boys who held the sway in Abeokuta in 1980s till the 90s.
Popularly known as Mayor, Mayowa’s big mouth became the must sought after restaurant in the city of Abeokuta. The restaurant became a Mecca of sort for the high and mighty, the cream de la’cream of the society.
Big mouth became so popular that popular musicians within and outside Abeokuta played live music every last Friday night of the month.
In 2004, Mayor relocated to the United Kingdom (UK) and became a successful businessman in the Queen’s land, bagging mega business deals.
Not resting on his oars even after conquering the UK, Mayor moved to Canada and expanded his business empire.
Having spent five years in the UK, it was easy for Mayor to quickly settle down and his business flourished even more.
Mayor is not only renowned for his excellent business skills, the delighted Mayowa is an astute philanthropist who has help many less privileged people in various ways.
Mayor owns properties in choices areas of Abeokuta and Lekki in Lagos State.
The successful businessman is contributing his own quota to the development of the country.
Mayor has various business interests in Nigeria, among these are, three car marts spread across Abeokuta, Lagos and Abuja.
An encounter with this delectable young man will change your orientation about attaining success in life before Mayor’s story is a compelling, captivating and unique story of handwork with grace.

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