10th Assembly : Idiroko/Ipokia State Constituency set for dawn of a new phase of unprecedented growth with Otunba Bisi Oyedele

It is a general belief that politics is about fulfilling the aspiration of the people and ensuring sustainable development of communities.

Most people joined a political movement/parties with a vision that such movement envisioned a platform where the youths are not just given access, but one in which all are treated equally and on merit.

For the House of Assembly Member-elect representing the good people of Idiroko/Ipokia State Constituency, Hon. Bisi Oyedele,  he joined the Progressives movement in Ogun State not because he was desperate to contest or attain position but for his passion to see a better society where both young and old are living peacefully with unfettered access to basic necessities they need to live meaningful, productive lives.


Otunba Oyedele popularly known as Citiside joined the 2023 Ogun State House of Assembly race with the hope of giving the good people of Idiroko/Ipokia State Constituency  an unusually responsible, accountable and purposeful representation.

The acceptability and support he enjoyed before and during the elections  was unbelievably overwhelming, the people heaved a sigh of relief and their hope was rekindled, they joined the train and were hoping for the breath of fresh air that he represent.

As the 10th Assembly set to ignite in June, Otunba Bisi Oyedele is better equiped to better the lot of his people with life changing bills empowerment opportunities, facilitation of developmental programmes to his constituency as well as beaming his searchlight for better days and working hard to secure the future of the good people of Idiroko/Ipokia State Constituency.

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