Coup : U.S govt announced suspension of aid to Gabon

The United States on Tuesday formally announced the suspension of its assistance to Gabon.

The Gabonese military ousted the democratically elected government of Alli Bango on Aug. 30, bringing an abrupt end to the 56-year-old dynasty of the Bongo family.

Matthew Miller, the Spokesperson for the US Department of State, said the suspension was in line with Section 7008 of the Department of State’s Annual Appropriations Act.


“The United States has concluded that a military coup d’état has taken place in Gabon. Pursuant to section 7008 of the Department of State’s Annual Appropriations Act, the United States is suspending most U.S. assistance to the Government of Gabon.

“This foreign assistance has been temporarily paused by the United States since September 26.

“We underscore that our humanitarian, health, and education assistance will continue to benefit the people of Gabon,” Miller said.

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